Married Actor is on The Down and The Low

man-bed-1CDAN – What barely hanging onto A list married movie actor who is always Mr. Macho was seen, umm, how can I put this, getting serviced by a male assistant director on his latest movie. The trailer for the actor was unlocked and a production assistant walked in and now everyone knows. I was shocked when I heard it because I had never heard a peep that he leaned that way. Ever.

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129 comments to Married Actor is on The Down and The Low

  • plum

    russell crowe?
    bruce willis?
    hugh jackman?

  • OhPlease

    Bruce Willis!

    • h00bydice

      I’m voting with you. My gaydar screeches off the charts whenever he comes onto the screen. People have always said I was nuts, but his demeanor has always been suspect to me.

  • Anonymous

    nick cage ?

  • plum

    if he’s Russell Crowe,i should be shocked!

  • David

    paul rudd? that picture looks similar to this photo that he did for a photo spread a while back. thats the only reason I consider him.

  • mooki

    Depp? (*sound of fangirls sobbing*)

    • isuckatblinditems

      he’s not married

      • mooki

        he’s rumored to be married to Vanessa Paradis (you can be married in France and not be legally married in the US)

      • Frenchie

        Obviously you don’t know a thing that is outside your box: if you are married in France of course you are married in the US… I don’t know if you heard about it but there is something called international laws… and that’s why there is also embassies that register the significant changes as marriage, death, etc…

        Otherwise I will be in real shock if it is Russel Crowe…but I put my bet on it

      • Dirk

        LOL at Frenchie “there IS something called international lawS” you sound as semiliterate as Bruce.

    • Hi Dirk – Perhaps you don’t realize that there are people from all over the world on this site. We really appreciate their contribution. For many of them, English is a second or third language. Try a little kindness. Love, BG

    • clementine

      Is Depp considered a “barely hanging on A list’ actor? I don’t think so…but I could be wrong…

    • Jojo

      Gosh, I don’t think Depp has to “hang on to” his A list status. It would take a LOT for him to be anything less than A list.

  • clementine

    my first thought was Bruce Willis…no one has ever mentioned him being close to gay…Hugh is known in Hollywood as having a male companion and his wife is his beard…

  • Yeppers

    How about Sylvester Stallone?
    could “hanging” refer to his movie “Cliffhanger”??

  • Annie

    Bruce Willis

  • Jill

    yeah, i wouldn’t think of hugh jackman as “mr. macho”, though he is delicious. =)

    i like your guesses of sylvester stallone or bruce willis, though somehow stallone would be more shocking. and i wouldn’t say bruce is “barely hanging on to a-list”, though that could describe stallone.

  • Pixie Dust

    christian Bale would punch a man for sucking on his stuff… Right????

    • Anony

      Even if he wouldn’t, I would! I’d like to think I’m next in line when he finally divorces his wife.

      • Celeste

        Watch out, you’re right behind me. I have ticket number 1. I don’t mind being the last woman he’s ever with again 😉

    • Christina

      Well he did make out with Ewan McGregor in Velvet Goldmine a lot! I wonder if this guy is actually gay or maybe just a hedonist?

    • Nik

      Probably not barely hanging on to A list however.

      • Libby

        He hasn’t been filming anything in over a year — although filming is set to start on The Fighter soon. So count him out.

  • Rafael

    Dwayne Johnson?

  • eld

    Ben Affleck?

  • sean

    Hmm, well, it can’t be Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Daniel Radcliff, or Hugh Jackman. No one would be suprised at that.

    I like the Willis idea. Don’t think he is gay. He probably just likes humiliating someone into oral sex.

    • magicponyrainbows


    • Rococo

      well wasn’t there a blind about him sleeping with a transgendered lady back when he was un-famous and bartending in a gay NYC bar?

  • lightbulb

    There was a blind item some time ago about an A lister who loved bj’s from men but didn’t consider himself gay as he thought that wasn’t really having sex with them……is this the same guy?

    • My Cat Loves TV

      BJs not sex….ah, the memories of Bill Clinton!

    • jen

      i remember this on ted casablanca and said it could be david what’s his name oh yeah duchovny.

      • jen

        but he is not the answer to this blind item.

        hugh jackman- we all know he could be gay
        will smith- lol same
        tom cruise- gay gay gay
        jaime fox possibly bi

        clues macho and hanging on search for action stars
        arnold not in a movie

        bruse willis but is he anywhere clse to an A lister now

  • Tease

    hmmm, I didn’t know that Bruce Willis is anything close to a A lister..

    but I guess I’ll go with the majority on this one.

  • Nan

    I actually thought of the barely hanging on reference to cliffhanger w/ sly stalone as well! good guess!

  • Melody

    Matt Damon

  • Melody

    For sure. Because I was just as shocked when I found out…

    • jen

      melody matt is common knowledge because there are alot of stories about him and ben afflect. i dont think that would shock anyone.

      how about denzel washington
      hey its hollyweird and everything goes.

  • Gossip Fanatic

    I think the Matt Damon one is a really good guess. I would have to go with that. But, is he barely hanging on to A list?

  • Tattletale

    “Down Low” Denzel?
    “Mr Macho” Kevin Costner?

  • R-Dub

    Love the vintage Eric Nies pic, BG. I loved me some Eric- and Andre too. I’ll go with Stallone for the DL actor.

  • Pegasian

    I’m thinking Pacino or Deniro

  • Gossip Fanatic

    I dont think Pacino is married?

    • Christina

      Nope never been and Deniro has been common-law with the same women for ever, but I think they too are broken up, so he may be single too.

  • been there done that

    since doing this for a while i seem to be getting good at the tricky tricks you write into the BIs so i’m going for cliff hanger machoman stallone, veryvery shocking if true. thats me..

  • Michael

    I didn’t think Bruce Willis was married though

  • joe

    I think Bruce Willis too but the “Barely hanging onto A-list” part doesn’t sound like Bruce. Mr. Macho does seem to make references to his movies like “Alpha Dog” and “Die Hard” movies.

    • Jenny

      Bruce has had a string of failures in the last few years. He really isn’t the box office “sure thing” that he used to be. In 2008, he was in Assassination of a High School Principal and What Just Happened. Have you heard of any of those? I haven’t. I think What Just Happened skipped release and went straight to video. Not so A list.

  • Bubbles

    According to wikipedia, Bruce Willis got married this year.

    I think it’s Sly Stallone. That Cliffhanger clue worked for me.

  • hjk

    First thought was Josh Duhamel for some reason. But he’s also a TV actor… hmm.

    • Hopper

      I thought of Duhamel as well for sum reason but macho Idk Denzel I would never ever think he’d do anything gay.

  • Countervail

    So a few thoughts: “down low” is usually associated with African-American men but the way the title of this post is written “the down and the low” makes me think of a movie title like “The Fast and The Furious” but Vin isn’t married and has lots of rumors swirling around him already as does Paul walker.

    Does that spark any ideas?

    • zlist

      I thought the same thing about the title “The Down and the Low” but it made me think of Russell Crowe in “The Quick and the Dead”. He’s currently shooting “Robin Hood” in Wales.

      • somethingoriginal

        hehe when i read this blind i was trying to think of black cast members from the quick and the dead because of the down low terminology and the sound of the headline. the fast and the furious didn’t occur to me! but i agree, vin wouldn’t be classed as surprising

        i like the denzel guess (hat tip Tattletale).

    • Song

      Paul Walker is black?

  • Lola

    Could it be Ryan Reynolds?????

    • LacesOut

      Ryan isn’t A list..he makes a lot of cracks about being gay, but I don’t think he is at all. (plus that would ruin my dreams)
      I could see this being Sly filming Rambo.

  • 9a

    I’m thinking Ryan Reynolds too.

  • jen

    down low is an african american term too so he could be an african american actor

    jaime we know
    will lol again
    morgan freeman

    we have to search for A list male african american actors

  • jen

    vin diesel it is i forgot about him,on panache report we all know about him. you never heard or see him much because he is in europe alot where he can be free to live his live on the down low. I wouldnt consider him A lister.

  • FoSure

    Russell Crowe–he tends to play macho characters and he struts around as Mr. Macho in real life too: aka arrogant rage-a-holic violent a*shole.

    Clint Eastwood? He’s old as dirt but his entire career is playing Mr. Macho. Even in Gran Torrino he was still trying to play the alpha male macho hero role.

    • AKchic

      WHAT?? clint eastwood? pls tell me your joking. i love me some clint eastwood. yeah, he may be old, but i would still hit it.

      but anyhoo, im going with sean penn.

      • FoSure

        LOL. I don’t really think it’s Clint but I was throwing it out there. He fit the clue with being married and his career as playing the macho guy. But it’s unlikely.

        It’s probably someone like Bruce Willis.

        Sean Penn would fit if it weren’t for his well known weekends of womanizing with Charlie Sheen. Unless the womanizing and cheating is just a cover.

  • Christina

    How about Jack Nicholson, there is a first time for everything and he is a total hedonist.

  • Lynne

    Patrick Swayze

  • JustMe

    What do you guys think of Samuel L. Jackson?

    -Definitely A list. Barely hanging on? Not sure about that
    -Definitely macho
    -Would be totally shocking to EVERYONE if this were him.

    Please SammyL-J, if you read this, don’t come after me. Please. It’s just a crazy guess. I love you and I think you are the coolest ever, My Friend.

  • luvmoovies

    Bruce Willis

  • blueyes

    I went high school with Eric, he was and still is sooo full of himself. He used to hide video cameras in closets and film girls he hooked up with….I heard he is back in town and living with mom, guess h-wood didn’t work out for him. As they say karma is a *****.

    • Barry

      he was on that show about former heart throbs. sadly hillarious. he was at some fundraiser in Red Bank last week. he is from that area of NJ so must be at home.

  • Blah

    Hanging -> Cliffhanger
    Mr. Macho

    My first thought was Sylvester Stallone.

  • been there done that

    not sure about sl jackson, but i do also like russell crowe and no on ryan reynolds. he’s to modern and cool for it to be shocking. it might be a bit weird but kids these days, ya know!!
    i’m going with someone older and more established, so i’m sticking with stallone.

    and it could only be morgan freeman if the guy was also family, preferably stepson

  • Ripley

    seems like one clue is “the down and the low”, since the slang term is down low, so why the the’s and an and included?

  • Mike

    Is Colin Farrell married?

  • Inquiring Mind

    Vince Vaughn? the picture made me think of the Break-Up movie poster…

  • Shamon

    Is anyone A List in The Fast and The Furious? Haven’t seen it, just heard of it…is Vin Diesel A List?

  • SJ

    I like the Nic Cage guess.

  • Monica

    Down – Down Under?
    Low – Crowe?
    I’m going with Russell Crowe on this one.

    • h00bydice

      Monica, I think you’ve hit it! Great deconstruction.

      Everyone’s focused on down-low pertaining to AA’s, but I think the term has crossed over into universal status.

      I vote: Russell Crowe

  • Karmen

    Ohhh Is the clue, not the down, the low, but instead “down low”?

  • Karmen

    But is it Australian or is that a reference to something else.

  • Jan

    Mel Gibson?

    If “peep” is a clue —> chicken —> He was in the movie “Chicken Run.”

    Barely hanging on to A-list status? I think he qualifies, with all his controversies the past couple years.

  • asf

    Sean Penn – Sweet and Lowdown from 1999.

  • Frenchie

    @ Dirk

    well I consider myself as somehow educated since English is not my first language… And you are picking on one little mistake while obviously you perfectly understood the meaning of my comment ….you sound just brilliant. Keep it that way, you are exactly what the world need right now:Ignorance and criticism.

    To everybody else : sorry for this

    For some reason I think this smells like russell crowe … Bruce willis is quite mellow these days

  • Pegasian

    Denzel Washington?

  • Tracey

    Russell Crowe was in a movie called “The Quick and the Dead” which would go with the “The Down and the Low” clue . . . hmmm.

  • Pegasian

    isn’t there a black actor in a movie called the “Sweet and the Low”
    or something like that? The guy who was in IRON MAN 1?

  • Jilly

    I don’t think we can use BG’s title as a clue since this was written by Entertainment Lawyer over at CDAN. I don’t think BG knows the answer to this, but I could be wrong.

  • dreamyvelvet

    Mel Gibson…he must be having one helluva mid-life crisis lol

  • Lisa

    Agreed, asf! Sean Penn, from the clue “Sweet and Lowdown from 1999″.
    He’s in pre-production (and possibly in Italy) for This Must Be the Place…

  • PJ

    Sean Penn is back, and happily so, with wife Robin so I doubt it’s him….

  • Pegasian

    PENN makes sense…He may think a GUY giving him a BJ is NOT CHEATING

  • Pegasian

    MAYBE he got some samples on MILK?

  • lolzer

    The Sam Jackson guess is GREAT. Imdb bio quote:

    “Samuel L. Jackson usually played bad guys and drug addicts before becoming an action hero….”

    Good or bad, it’s still macho. I would NEVER peg him- obviously except for now- to be the type to get secret bj’s… and I DARE any of you not agree with me! GO AHEAD! I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU! LMAO!

  • TwinkieDefense

    Why has nobody said Tom Cruise???

  • Gossip Fanatic

    b/c no one would be shocked if it was tom cruise…too many rumors about him

  • Pegasian

    in the OLD DOGS trailer they refer to MATT DILLON as “Mr. Testosterone”

  • Boo!

    Terrence Howard…no big surprise.

  • Lisa

    BG – why did you take down all the earlier Matt Damon posts? It’s odd because this BG is indeed Matt Damon. He’s had a close personal companion for many, many years (no, it’s not Affleck – he’s a horn dog but he sticks to chicks).

  • do-tell

    BRADLEY COOPER just made the a list and “hanging” cound be a hint his movie “The Hangover”

  • my guess

    On The Down and The Low? Has this got something to do with THE fast and THE furious? Or some other movie with The something – The something… i don’t know

  • Amanda

    Keenen Ivory Wayans (check title of old movie “A Low Down Dirty Shame” and title of this article. IMDB says he is filed for divorce.