Actor Gets Punched Out Over Rude Remarks

man-angry-2CDAN – This foreign born C+/B- list mostly movie actor with one very famous television role loves using the “N” word because he thinks it makes him look cool. This lasted about ten minutes on the set of of one of his very recent movies. Upon hearing it, his co-star and fellow C+/B- list mostly movie actor punched our foreign born actor and knocked him out cold. He didn’t use the term again the entire movie.

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82 comments to Actor Gets Punched Out Over Rude Remarks

  • Blargh

    Wilmer Valderrama?

    • Celeste

      I just looked up Wilmer Valderama on and it says he was born in Miami. Darn! I thought this was a great guess, too!

      • Barry

        most people do not know that he was born here. most think he is foreign bc he spent most of his early life in Venezuela. i am going with him. he seems like a twit.

  • Lola

    Michael Cera? He’s Canadian, mostly movies, had a role in Arrested Development. Plus, the phrase “trying to look cool” made me think it’s probably someone young. Who knows?

    • GP

      I second this guess.

    • Nart

      I like this guess with Jack Black being the one that hit him.

      • Inspector Clouseau

        Does “Arrested Development” qualify as “one very famous television role” ??????


      • Jenn

        I was thinking that too. Even though it is one of the funniest sitcoms ever to grace TV, it was never watched and eventually ended, selling it to G4 tv.

        A shame really…

    • Lola

      I never watched Arrested Development, but I know that it had a cult-like following. It was apparantly big enough that they are now filming an ‘Arrested Development’ movie. My money’s still on him.

  • Isabella

    I thought Wilmer as well…

  • Gaas

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers?

  • goldfish swirling

    Mel Gibson. Yeah, I know.

  • GuyIncognito

    Naveen Andrews

  • Aninha

    What’s the N stands for?

  • Catpattz

    Am guessing Jean-Claude Van Damme. Not sure on Actor B – maybe Dolph Lundren, costarring with him in Universal Soldiers? Is he C+/B-???

  • Catpattz

    Oh, btw, the tv role would have been in Friends, I think.

  • hmmm

    Ed Westwick? He’s in Gossip Girl and is currently filiming Wuthering Heights, plus he was born in the UK, although I dont see him using the “N” word. Oh and Arrested Development is HUGE! Well, it was in Australia until the show ended. IT has a massive cult following.

  • jen

    the n stand for nigger, when you say wud up nigga with an a not with the er. whats popping nigga

    • Tracie

      Seriously, this post disgusts me. You need to educate yourself. I’m shocked the moderator allowed you to post this bulls*.

      • JustMe

        Someone earlier up asked what the N stands for. Jen was just answering the question.

      • Tracie

        You don’t think that’s a completely inappropriate way to answer it? I do. It’s ignorant and tasteless.

      • Dirk

        What, specifically, was so ignorant and tasteless about her explanation? You have a go at it… defining an abbreviation without using the word!

      • jen

        tracy how did that post disgusts. what is shocking about? lmao

      • jen

        Tracy how do you define ignorance, ignrance is when people have no knowledge about something or smeone so they go about doing it the wrong way. once you explain ignorance and how it would offend someone that is a lesson that stays with you your entire life. My choice of words weren’t tasteless it was simply giving someone an idea and explaining how this word is used.

  • jen

    is vin diesel or ll cool j currently shooting a movie?

  • jen

    n word stands for nigger with an a at the end not an er. its slang talk

    • Tracie

      It is not slang talk. It is a racial slur that only african americans can use – which they use to take back their power from slave days. This is why respectable people of any other race and people with any class do not use it in any circumstance.

      • Alex

        It is not acceptable for anyone to use it. How can anyone use it freely then take offense when someone uses it towards them. Regardless of the context, it’s an offensive word

      • jen

        alex i agree but when you here someone say it here in ny and you tell them dont say it, you would be surprised at their response if they dont tell you to shut up or mind your own business. This is why i said their seem to be a double standard when using the word.

      • DreamyEyes

        Tracie, slap yourself for that stupid comment. Ignorant people these days…

      • Tracie

        I am deferring to Whoopi on this one since I am not african american. That was her answer on the “n” word that I stated above.

      • jen

        yes in ny we used it
        as a slang and not as a racial term, as well as a way of greeting your friends. it work both ways as a matter of fact not just in ny. i hate hearing kids use it because it sounds so out of place.

      • jen

        dont just take whoopi’s word alone read boks from the past. from frederick douglass, mlk malcolm x just to name a few. i know some schools dont teach us our entire history but i am grateful to learn about different races and the roles they play in history. i will end now, i hope you see my point. i dont hate you because you insult me, but today i learn something new from you and god bless.

      • jen

        tracy it is here in ny we used it as a way of greeting friends, and it can be a racial slur as well. it work both ways, dont tell me you dont know that and this is not just in ny.

      • jen

        not only african americans use it my dear and what history books did you read to get this info. if african americans had use this word to take back power from their slave days, slavery would not have lasted 400 years and i should educate myself. blacks fought for equally they just wanted to be considered human this is the same thing the jews endured during the holocust. hatred can be so deep.

      • ams

        whats the deal? someone asked what it meant, and another explained. don’t get all high & mighty, nobody called you a racist.

      • jen

        ams i was the one explaining what it meant, i am not sure if your post was meant for me. Tracy was the one that said i was to educate myself, and i am not trying to be high and mighty here.

    • AshMissYouMJ

      NO ONE should use the word. I am black and I do not use it.

      • t

        Older African Americans (the ones who fought for civil rights and grew up with segregated water fountains, etc.) are ashamed that younger African Americans use this word. It’s not about African American youth reclaiming and making this word “theirs”; it’s their having no sense of history and being completely ignorant of the hardship their parents went through.

      • jen

        i dont used it but the newer generation used it so much that is has become part of their vocabulary. The older african americans who endured slavery would be upset considering the fact of what they went through. There was program on bet a few years ago about this, and the narrator i forgot who it was, explain on national tv the same thing i am explaining here. This is not meant to offend anyone.

      • HeadsUp

        [Comment deleted by Editor. Play nice!]

  • plum

    on CDAN,someone think on Dominic Monaghan(Lost)/liev Schreiber

  • Sandra

    Sacha Baron Cohen.. famous tv role Ali G

  • dafilanegro

    i would have to put Sasha Baron Cohen on A level status. Borat was a smash, and Bruno looks to follow suit. I was thinking Van Damme. Over the hill washed up former star trying to do whatever it takes to remain somewhat relevant.

  • Canadian Fan

    Probably wrong, but I’m gonna guess that it’s Goran Visnjic. Born in Croatia, has done movies and had a major role on E.R.
    Guy strikes me as an ass…

  • glon

    Michael Vartan?? He’s’supposedly really difficult to work with.

  • Asia

    If u don’t know what the N word is then you need to get out more.

  • love.bug

    I’m going to say Simon Baker. He’s currently filming “The Killer Inside Me”.

  • kimberlyaj

    why would anyone think it’s “cool” or “hip” to use that word? i can maybe see a rap artist/ hip hop artist saying that…but yeah, the guy needed to be knocked out

  • Christina

    I don’t know why but Colin Farrel comes to mind, he loves to swear he started on Bally Kiss Angel on UK TV…I am probably way off, but he loves the c word a lot!!!

  • Dusty

    Aninha, thank goodness some people up thread decided to explain what the ‘N’ meant instead of getting all defensive and snarky, this is an international board guys and not all slang words or their cultural meanings are apparent internationally. You might like to read this link Aninha it explains the original meaning of the term and how it became associated with the slave trade and gradually became a derogatory and insulting term applied to anyone with black ancestry.

    as for the blind, it seems no amount of reasonable conversation could educate this idiot so a pat on the back for the dude who decked him.

  • jen

    tracy someone ask what n stands for and

    so i am explaning

    the meaning of the wordhow it in the black community this has nothing to do with being racist or prejudice. i myself hate when i here people use it, latino guys use it as well, but if a white person use this word then everyone gets upset. this is a double standard.

  • jen


    IN THIS CASE HOW WOULD PEOPLE AVOID KNOWING HOW TO OFFEND CERTAIN RACES. you said i should educate myself, but what do you think i am doing when i explain to someone who didnt know what it means, they are getting a lesson on words not to be used to a certain group of people. maybe you should educate yourself instead of being closed minded. knowledge is power.

    blindgossip thanks for posting this we need to stop acting as if we are afraid to explain the meaning of a word without getting criticised.

  • jen

    traci your not african american, by your posting i could see that, im not being judgemental but when i read your post i could see there was something wrong there.
    when i was in college with all types of people and we talk about racial issues all the time and stereotypes to get a better understanding. telling me to go educate myself when i grew up around people using this word, which i considered wrong. until you have experienced and interact with people who use this word all the time you wont be able to see the bigger picture. some people were even afraid to express themselves but i was open minded and willing to learn. listening is the best part of learning. maybe you didnt read the post when someone ask what the n word means.

  • Amanda

    WOW – you ALL need to take a valium or something…

  • Tease

    Russell Crowe

  • maurav

    How about we all get back to the BI now?
    Tease-I think it’s a smashing guess.

  • Barry

    people get violent with “nigger” because they have no logical way of debating a word’s use and bc so many black people feel victimized by everything every day. i grew up with black people. they used that words all the time. i never used it once. they talked about oppression all the time. they resorted to violence at the drop of that word or several others. i studied. they complained. decking a guy for the word is as wrong as his using it. tell him to shut up.
    oh, and everyone here – chill out.

    • maurav

      Careful, Barry. Someone could misread that and think you are labeling an entire race of people based on your own experiences and interpretations…

      But I agree with you that everyone needs to take a deep breath here. It’s a gossip site, after all. Morals/Smarts need not apply.

    • jen

      barry i agree, this is why i say it is a double standard which is really sad.

  • AKchic

    Remember when we used to GUESS at these blind items…and not educate everyone on our own experiences??

  • Me thinks the lady doth protest too much…