My Maybach is More Important than Your Life


LaineyGossip – She trumps Life or Death: Classic story of celebrity entitlement. And she’s supposed to be so professional and sweet, not nearly as many diva stories about her than about her peers, though if you’re getting in the way of her meal, and her Maybach, you better move the f-ck out, even if you’re an old woman in an emergency situation. It was two blocks from the Waverly very recently. An elderly woman – 84 years old – went into heart failure. The paramedic arrived immediately and tried to stabilise her before moving her to the hospital. It became a traffic clusterf-ck so the cops had to redirect vehicles over to the next block because the ambulance was waiting for the patient. A black Maybach approaches, disregards the police instruction, and drives towards the ambulance. An officer stops the car and tells the driver to reroute:

Driver: We’re going to the Waverly Inn.

Officer: We have an emergency situation and everyone has to re-route to the next block over – just go one block around. (Moaning and groaning and whining was heard from the female passenger in the back seat).

Driver: Isn’t there any way we could get through?

Officer: Sir, this is an emergency vehicle, we have an emergency situation – EVERYone must re-route. You’ll have to go around the block.

And then an imperious (female) voice pipes up from the back of the Maybach.. “Well can’t they just move the ambulance?” The officer is incredulous. Then annoyed. And then he gives it to her, informing our star that “LIFE OR DEATH situations dictate traffic decisions – not anything or ANYONE else. You must re-route now.”

She grudgingly told her driver to find another way, inconvenienced that a senior citizen had to choose her mealtime to have a heart attack. The nerve.


It’s Beyonce! Source: BlindGossip with a major hint from LaineyGossip

Lainey rarely solves her blind items, but she does drop serious hints. In this case, we had heard the story independently, so we didn’t need a lot of help.

Here’s the hint that Lainey dropped on Lainey Gossip soon after the blind item appeared:

Beyonce at the BET Awards last night wearing the best dress of the night no doubt. It’s exquisite. And she looks exquisite in it. Great hair, cute accessories…everything but the shoes. Cheap and gimmicky shoes, non? Tina must have told her to.

B’s husband Jay-Z was there too. No idea if they arrived in a Maybach together or tried to push ambulances out of the way while paramedics were tending to an elderly lady suffering from a heart attack. Not likely though. Because everyone there last night was famous. And everyone was paying respect to Michael Jackson. Needless to say, she kept her hunger bitch in check.

After the show though, if you were a civilian, I hope you looked the f-ck out. Don’t be getting in the way of Beyonce and her favourite restaurant.

After the baby was born, Beyonce traded in the Maybach for a $1 million Mercedes.

Congratulations to Sandra, who was first with the correct guess, and to LaPerla for a short rant on celebrity entitlement!


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