Add 2 Blondes and 1 Brunette and Mix Well

chef-2CDAN – This A list celebrity chef loves his women. He loves them a lot. He always has and probably always will. I don’t know his wife puts up with it. In his latest escapade. Bad choice of words because now I will have Janet Jackson running through my head and Jermaine running after her. It’s quite funny if you could see it. Anyway, our celebrity chef was at an out of town event away from his wife, so of course he needed to find some company for the night. No spank-o-vision for our chef. Nope. Instead he managed to find two blondes and a brunette for his late night entertainment. As they were headed to his room, the brunette was all over him and our chef was drunk. Probably that way he has an excuse when he is eventually caught.

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