May is Hurting December’s Career

BlindGossip – In the case of a couple where there is a considerable age difference, the older half usually controls the younger half. That’s not the case with this couple. The older half is getting a little desperate about maintaining their career, and has started taking advice from the younger half about everything, from wardrobe to roles to public relations. However, this couple’s strategy is backfiring on them. Magazines, talk shows, and producers are starting to balk at featuring the older one. Why? Because the younger one is so obnoxiously vocal and litigious, they fear that any wrong move they make will result in the young one blaming them and creating a very public spectacle.

No, it’s NOT Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones.

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He Only Makes Passes at Guys Who Wear Glasses

CDAN – Fashion Week: This A list singer who is known for the attractive women he is always seen with and wants to be seen with spent the entire time at the show he was at, collecting numbers of guys. Barely spoke to the woman he brought. It seems our singer only goes for guys in glasses.

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Encounter with a Tubby Scientologist


PopBitch – Before he met George Michael, Kenny Goss is rumoured to have encountered which tubby Scientologist (and current National Enquirer target) in a LA sauna?

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The Shortest Man in the World


BlindGossip – A certain multi-talented actress was backstage during the recent run-through of a talk show. While the host was trying out introductory bits, he made a remark about this actress’ husband being the “shortest man in the world”. She could have been annoyed or shocked but instead let out a bigger laugh than anyone else. » Continued

A Chip in Her Pocket for The Trial

SOLVED! (Partially)

BlindGossip – This celebrity couple is close to a final agreement over how everything – including the child/ren – is going to be divided in the divorce. However, the wife’s legal team is having her keep one chip in her pocket for the divorce trial. If the husband’s team tries any last-minute maneuvering, the wife is not afraid to reveal an incident where she (along with their child/ren) caught her husband in bed with a family friend of theirs. The friend is a professional athlete. In case you’ve been wondering why the couples rarely get together for more than an hour and a photo op – this is the reason. » Continued

TV Exec Fired Over Casting Couch


NYPost – Which network executive was fired for overusing his casting couch? The horny TV honcho was demanding or*l sex in exchange for roles on his shows and had a fling with an actress known for her accessibility. » Continued

Why He is Extending His Stay


BlindGossip – There are lots of film and TV actors coming and going from rehab, celebrity rehab, and sober houses right now. Although this one has received his 30-day chip, he is going to be staying longer than his program suggests. The motivating factor is his relationship with a former Significant Other, who » Continued

Summer of Solved: October 2008

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Now that we’ve restored the archived 2008 comments, it’s time to resume theĀ  Summer of Solved! So put your super sleuthing skills to work by reviewing the posts that are listed under the October 2008 tab in the Archives section on the left side of this page. (We know that lots of those babies have to be solved by now!) And, now that we’re back on track, we will resume posting at least one solved item per day!

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BG12345, Summer of Solved, Animal

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1. Would you like a BG12345 today? 100 YES votes before 1:00 pm EDT will get you five tasty new blind items today!

2. We hope you are enjoying the Summer of Solved! Tomorrow (Friday) is the last day to solve September 2008 items. If you can help us solve any of those items, speak now or forever hold your Solved!

3. Animal is Coming! If you are on the Top Secret Animal Task Force , please report for duty this afternoon!

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UPDATE: A bit of a squeaker, but you guys pulled it off! Here we go!

Her iPhone Makes Us Grin


BlindGossip – A paparazzo from a website with high internet traffic was peering into this b-list TV and movie actress’s car a few days ago and snapped a photo of her iPhone. The front screen had the name of her ex-boyfriend and the rehab facility where he is currently staying. So, despite pretending that she is no longer in contact with the ex, her phone seems to tell a different story.

Of course, she doesn’t want her contact with the ex to get in the way of her divorce settlement with her husband – nor does the website want to find itself on the other side of a lawsuit with the very litigious husband – so it looks like everyone will simply keep quiet about this one for now. Just knowing that this relationship is coming to an end is enough to make us grin. » Continued

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