The Bigger The Better


BlindGossip – Some guys are leg men. Some are ass men (Kramer). This famous athlete is a breast man. If you don’t have them, he will date you, but he’ll spend a good part of the relationship pressuring you to get a new pair. He’ll point out other women and comment on what great breasts » Continued

Multiple Baby Mamas



[BlindGossip] Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t the only one with multiple Baby Mamas. This well-known (but occasionally troubled) Actor has three baby mamas, none of whom are famous. He left BabyMama1 high and dry after the found out she was pregnant. Then he got a woman in a small town pregnant. However, he never made any sort of commitment to BabyMama2, either.

A few years later, the Actor had the nerve to » Continued

TV Personality is Coming Out

NewYorkPost – Which prominent TV personality is about to come out with the help of public relations guru Howard Bragman, who has helped dozens of celebs announce their sexuality? The media blitz will begin next week.

SOLVED! » Continued

He Was Doing A Lot Of Pumping






BlindGossip – The breakup of this long-married Hollywood power couple may come as a surprise to some. It hasn’t just been his flip-flopping between careers in the past few years that’s put a strain on their relationship. He’s also been flip-flopping among several women.

His wife » Continued

Diva Has Nasty Words About Actress


BlindGossip – This legendary Diva and this Actress do not like each other. When asked recently if she was friends with the Actress (who is currently on a popular TV show), the Diva had a nasty response. “Absolutely NOT! I’ve never liked that fat c*nt!” There was stunned silence as she danced away into her limo.



Show: » Continued

Kate Middleton Has A Vice

LaineyGossip – [Kate Middleton] seems relaxed, right? Well… she may have one vice to steady to her nerves. Something she’ll never, ever, ever, ever, ever allow herself to be seen doing publicly. It’s not a rumour. I have a slamdunk source who confirmed it, including the brand. But don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll quit once they’re in their cottage in Wales and trying to have babies.


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The Sequel Should Come Out First

[BlindGossip] This closeted Hollywood actor – who starred in a huge 2009 Sci Fi Film – is arguing with his handlers about coming out. The handsome hunk is ready to let the world know he is gay. However, his people want him to keep quiet until after the sequel comes out.

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TV Couple’s First Time


TVLine – Especially observant TVLine readers may have noticed that I quietly updated our May Sweeps Scorecard on Wednesday to expand the list of “Couples having s*x for the first time” from two to three.

But what those same readers may not have noticed was the loud gasp I let out just moments before I updated the chart. Because » Continued

Mom’s Plan to Improve Public Opinion


BlindGossip – Mom was worried about something much more important than her daughter’s increasingly wild and erratic behavior. She was worried about how public perception of that behavior would affect Girl’s career. So, after a particularly shocking incident, Mom decided to get Girl out of the public eye for a while by taking her away to another city.

Girl quickly got bored hiding out » Continued

Celebrity Couple Heading for Divorce

BlindGossip – Although nothing has been announced yet, this celebrity couple is almost certainly heading for divorce. They haven’t lived together for several months, lawyers are being hired, and each spouse already has a new paramour. Hers is a work colleague. His is a former (?) escort.

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