The Great Wall Of V

[BuzzFoto] Which C list film actress from a popular franchise, just got a tattoo (while she was completely wasted) on her inner thigh that says “Great Wall of Vagina?” 702

BG12345: Friday

Dear Blinders,

Welcome to Friday! It’s going to be a big day and a big weekend! You could have a BG12345 winging its way to you today, plus a couple of SOLVED items, plus a few quickies over the weekend. All you have to do is tell us:

1. Which team will you be rooting for to win the Super Bowl?

2. Who do you think will be named Super Bowl MVP?

Just 100 total votes will get you everything, and the winning team (with the simple majority of votes) will have its logo featured on BG all weekend long!

Love, Ace

UPDATE: It was a squeaker! Giants 47 Patriots 45. Looks like BG will officially be rooting for The New York Giants to win and for Eli Manning to be named MVP! Go BIG BLUE!

Handlers Are Planning A Britney-like Comeback

[Hollywood Dame] This once A List singer has been trying to add to her career, but attempts to stray outside of singing have failed. Her camp is trying to keep the momentum in her career going, but she can’t get her shiz together for a tour/successful album. So, her handlers already have her in reh*b and plan to have her publicly embrace her affliction after she is clean/dry. Their goal is to use the “private struggle” to win sympathy and gain interest circa Britney Spears’ breakdown/comeback.

The Odd Reason This Couple Is Faithful

[BuzzFoto] This couple is considered A list, and have been together for a long time, not just by Hollywood standards, but by life standards. A source tells us that although there have been speculation about affairs in the past, the two have remained 100% faithful to one another. The secret to their success? » Continued

Actress Plans To Out Two Costars

[BuzzFoto] This C/D list actress, who had a big career on a sitcom in the 90′s is writing a book about her experience in the television world. She is hoping to out not one, but two of her costars for engaging in a » Continued

A Bite At The SAG Awards

[CDAN] Which A+ list movie actress who is not married, but might as well be, went and asked for this B list movie actress phone number at the SAG Awards and then after she got it, » Continued

Actor Likes To Lock Up His Boyfriends

[CDAN] This closeted B list movie actor who headlined a franchise film will be looking for a new boyfriend soon. He brought his boyfriend on a trip with him » Continued

BG12345: Wednesday

Dear Blinders,

How about a BG12345 to get you through Hump Day? Climb aboard!

Love, Ace

Celebrity Family Has A Sad Secret


[BlindGossip] More than one person in this family has achieved fame and success in the music industry, and several others have been television regulars. One of the members of the family recently passed at a very young age. While it is usual for families to ask for privacy when they are in mourning, this family is doing everything they can to cover up » Continued

PopStar’s Fiance Is Selling Off Her Stuff

[NationalEnquirer] Which pop star’s fiance was spotted selling his soon-to-be wife’s discarded designer jeans at the resale store Wasteland in Studio City, Calif.? The singer’s beau tried to go unnoticed, but when someone in the store yelled out: “OMG! I know who you are!” he high-tailed it out of the shop and drove off in his white BMW!

Swigging Blonde At The Golden Globes

[NationalEnquirer] Which leggy blonde actress is bo*zing again? The never-married former model raised eyebrows as she swigged champagne and partied with her new rapper boy toy at the Golden Globes after-parties.

Rampage After The Golden Globes

[NewYorkPost] Which female TV star drank too much at a Golden Globes party and went on a rampage at an LA hotel in a jealous rage at her ex?

Bachelor Withdrawal

[CDAN] Which Bachelor contestant from this season went through horrible dr*g withdrawals for much of her filming on the show?

Grammy Girl Has A Secret Life

[NationalEnquirer] This 20-something, Grammy-winning pop star is hiding » Continued

Royal Dust

[NewYorkPost] What member of a foreign royal family was caught inhaling disco dust in a nightclub bathroom during a recent sporting event?

SNL Star Says Goodbye To His Little Girl

[NationalEnquirer] What former sitcom and “SNL” star – he’s part of a successful comedy dynasty – has just admitted his wannabe actress daughter to reh*b? The comic gathered the whole clan together to say goodbye to his boozing little girl!

It Worked For Ashlee And Pete

[CDAN] What soon to be A list movie actor’s girlfriend who is also moving up the list quite nicely is convinced that she can keep him from wanting guys. She told a friend of hers the other day that » Continued

Actor Hates His Own Movie

[CDAN] What Hollywood actor got ‘buyer’s remorse’ about a movie he stars in and began publicly distancing himself from it at its Sundance after-party, saying another movie was better?

BG12345: Double Tuesday

Dear Blinders,

BG12345678910 today. All quickies. Enjoy!

Love, Ace

Bracing For A Latina Cat Fight


[NationalEnquirer] Which two Latina actresses absolutely HATE each other? The stars have tried to avoid each other but are often auditioning for the same film roles – and the younger and more popular of the two seems to be getting all the parts! » Continued

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