Singer Disses Another Artist

[Blind Gossip] One of the male artists at the 2014 VMAs sang live. He is an accomplished and experienced artist, but » Continued

BG12345: Monday

beyonce knowles 9Good Morning, Blinders!

Boy, was that VMAs show last night messy or what? Every time you think an awards show can’t get worse than the one before it… it does!

It was definitely The Beyonce Show. She told producers when they could and could not film her reaction shots, kept her little sister out of camera range, huffed and puffed her way through half a dozen disjointed numbers, and called herself a feminist. See my ass? See my vagina? Feminism!

Did any of you buy her “surprise” that Jay-Z presented her with some silly award and called her “The Greatest Living Entertainer’? Who else did you think was going to present it?

Well, at least Blue Ivy got to see Mommy spread her legs wide open and gyrate on the stripper pole. Feminism!

You’re getting a BG12345 today! Enjoy!

Love, Ace

Knockout Has A Secret

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BG12345: Monday

coffee 7Good Morning, Blinders!

We have a BG12345 for you today!

Here’s your coffee. Let’s get going!

Love, Ace

Not So Choice Teens

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Reverse Wig

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