She Demands Perfection Without Airbrushing

makeup airbrush[Pop Bitch] Which young actress, highly paid to front a cosmetics firm, has been costing them a fortune in re-touching and re-shoots as “she doesn’t want to look as if she has been airbrushed”?


Cosmetics Company:

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Cougar Likes To Do Her Daughter’s Boyfriends

[Hollywood Street King] Today’s blind item subject is a former flight attendant who found her late wealthy husband in first class. He was a former cop, and her Dream Team come true.

During her heyday, her then-hubby brought dr*gs home » Continued

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Real Estate Rekindling Romance

house for sale 3[Blind Gossip] When celebrities buy real estate in a city in which their ex lives, it’s easy to speculate whether or not they are trying to rekindle their romance.

Well, this very famous musical celebrity » Continued

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Let’s Give Them Something Else To Talk About

couple romantic 2[Blind Gossip] This actor has been hanging out with a really bad crowd. His dr*g use has become more and more of a problem, and more and more people are talking about it. His handlers needed a distraction.

So… cue the ex-girlfriend! » Continued

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BG12345: Monday

Good Morning, Blinders!

Here’s your Monday morning coffee, served up hot and fresh by Lady Gaga.

Did you catch Lady Gaga on Saturday Night Live this past weekend?

Gaga did a pretty good job making fun of herself in several skits. However, her musical performance with R Kelly was just flat out bizarre. Between the blonde wig and the sequined jumpsuit and the simulated sex onstage… yikes.

Tell us what you thought about Gaga, and we’ll reward you with a BG12345 today!

Love, Ace » Continued

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Up To No Good

Well Thats Not a Good Sign[The People] Which A- lister would shock the world if it ever came out who he was getting up to no good with? Who could they be?


The other person:

What they’re up to:

BG Note: This gets our Vague Blind Item Of The Month Award. Wild guesses encouraged.

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NBA Star Has A Beard

basketball 4[Hollywood Street King]  Sources say she’s not just a basketball wife, she’s also a beard — who reportedly knew all about her NBA All-Star’s » Continued

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Boy Banders Blow Zippy

zipper 3[Blind Gossip] Zippy certainly has an incredible gift of persuasion!

He is a minor celebrity who has been able to talk many male celebrities – straight, gay, and bisexual – into giving him bl*w jobs, insisting that it is » Continued

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BG12345: Wednesday

alec baldwin 3Good Morning, Blinders!

Have you been following the Alec Baldwin Girlfriend/Stalker trial? What great entertainment!

Alec cried on the stand, his friend called him a liar, and his ex got arrested yesterday!

To celebrate Hump Day, here’s a pic of Alec at his most humpable, back in the Knot’s Landing days. Never saw the show, but we imagine that’s what everybody looked like back in 1980s.

Doesn’t he look like he could be Liam Hemsworth’s other other brother?

Enjoy today’s BG12345!

Love, Ace

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Left Out of The Godfather

Do the Right Thing movie image[Downfront 2] While a look at the life of The Godfather Of Soul promises to be an interesting one, there are others left out of the project who are pretty upset.

To this Actor, it’s no laughing matter.

For this » Continued

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