BG12345: Monday

blake lively coffee

Good Morning, Blinders! Your Monday morning coffee is being served up to you by the always gossipy Blake Lively! Blake just announced that she is having a baby, presumably with husband Ryan Reynolds. This is the first baby for both. If you are not already overwhelmed [More...]

Kim K’s Other Man

kim 1

BG Note: Two new naked photos of Kim Kardashian were released at the same time that other female celebrities had their phones hacked. Kanye West seems to believe that Kim took the photos to send to another man. [In Touch] The infamous hacker - who's been leaking nude photos of [More...]

Wormy Blackmail

worm 1

BG Note: This blind item was part of the Dear Prudence column at Slate. [Slate] I used to be in a relationship with somebody who is now a well-known celebrity, years before he became famous. He has a bizarre [More...]