Paid Off For Sensitive Footage

man paying money[Mid Day] This actor paid a hefty amount to keep intimate footage featuring him and his ‘rumoured’ girlfriend from being aired on television. » Continued

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Lady Gaga Got Very Personal With Her Dancer

lady gaga 1[Hollywood Street King] She’s a Canadian dance choreographer whose licker license didn’t only lead her to land a spot on » Continued

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He Is Complaining About His Wife

french dip sandwich[Mouth To Ears] Instagram straight flexin goes wrong.

This couple recently sent the social media ablaze with rumors about them splitting up. » Continued

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Asses Beget Asses

two donkeys[Blind Gossip] One Hollywood actor (with the help of a drink or two) was ranting about two other actors and their parenting methods the other day. » Continued

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Underwear Model Needs Lesson In Personal Hygiene

man underwear 7[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which male celebrity underwear model left a nasty ‘surprise’ behind? » Continued

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BG12345: Thursday

snowman 2Good Morning, Blinders!

Cold enough for ya? Snowy enough for ya? Will these winter storms ever end ?

We don’t control the weather, but we do control the gossip. So the best we can do is warm you up with a BG12345 today!

We’ll start promptly at 1:00 pm. Go shovel the driveway and we’ll meet you back here then. Enjoy!

Love, Ace

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An Unlikely Pair

couple 15[Mid Day] For this superstar and young actress couple, love has blossomed under the shroud of secrecy.

He’s a superstar known for his weakness for beautiful women, and she’s a young actress with the promise of a bright future. » Continued

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Diva Demands Bridge

george washington bridge[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which singer is “livid” she couldn’t shut down a NYC bridge for a music video?

Totally unaware that » Continued

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Baby Pillow Surprise

baby surprised 5[Blind Gossip] Baby Pillow is finally here! And wait until you hear about the surprising development in the final weeks leading up to the birth of our little one!

We knew that the celebrity couple was running into trouble finding » Continued

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His Boyfriend Is Having Private Muscle Time

personal trainer 3[Janet Charlton] Is this openly gay TV personality, who already suffered a painful loss, headed for another stay at Heartbreak Hotel? » Continued

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BG12345: Monday

superbowl seattle denver 2Good Morning , Blinders!

It’s a happy day for Seattle Seahawks fans! They totally punished the Denver Broncos 43-8 in Sunday’s Super Bowl.  What the heck happened to Peyton Manning? Congrats to all you Seattleites!

However, we think that the real star of the Superbowl was Bruno Mars. That was easily one of the best and most entertaining performances we’ve ever seen at a Super Bowl!

Unfortunately, it’s a sad day for movie fans. We’ll have more on Philip Seymour Hoffman later.

Lots of gossip to share, so we’ll be doing a mixed BG12345 today. That’s a combination of five new and solved items. Stay with us!

Love, Ace

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Music Legend’s Bratty Son Spews

teen boy drinking[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which celebrity teen son got so drunk at the Grammy after-parties he threw up all over one winner?

The young teen » Continued

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Witchy Was Bitchy To Young Singer At Grammys

madonna witch[Naughty But Nice Rob] Madonna and her son David Banda, 8, showed up to the GRAMMY AWARDS rocking matching black tuxedos and top hats. Backstage, Madonna » Continued

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BG12345: Wednesday

Good Morning, Blinders!

Had enough of the cold and snow and ice? Snow Camel sure has! He asks that we warm you up with some gossip on this Hump Day! Five new blind items in five hours.

You got it, Snow Camel!

Love, Ace



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Married Music Star Has A Secret

las vegas night 2[Pop Bitch] Which married Vegas music star with a new record out this year secretly prefers same sex love?

Las Vegas Music Star:

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Housewife Is A Pro Ho

rhoa cast[Hollywood Street King] Our blind item subject would have you believe she’s got an African Prince locked down… but we’re told that’s nothing but a facade. She’s gay for pay, and word is she’s a deep throat pro. » Continued

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Reeling Over Raw Ryan

ryan reynolds 3[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which reality star – who is already in hot water with his wife – has found himself in even more trouble after she found » Continued

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Pajama Party Pick Me Up

pajama party[Media Take Out] According to a person that WORKS ON THE SET of » Continued

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Smacker Shifts On Singer

lucky bitch 2[Blind Gossip] These two music types are always cordial when they see each other, but Smack Talker rarely has anything nice to say about Singer in private.
There were tons of big celebs in attendance at this Grammy party. Smacker was watching and listening to Singer during the night, and » Continued
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BG12345: Monday

two guysGood Morning, Blinders!

It’s still cold outside, but – lucky for you – these two cute guys have offered to go on a hot coffee run for you this morning!

Wait a minute. Perhaps you should be bringing them coffee.

Who are they and why are we featuring them today? Answer that question, and we will reward you with a BG12345!

Love, Ace » Continued

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