Pricey Pad

house sold[New York Post] What high-flying real estate broker’s been crowing about an A-list star who bought a pricey pad? What the broker doesn’t mention is that the actor » Continued

Cyber Monday Gossip

cyber monday 4Good Morning, Blinders!

Today is Cyber Monday, the busiest online shopping day of the year! We’ll be on Amazon, but there are lots of other retailers offering great deals today.

You may have noticed that we temporarily stopped posting last week. We had a database glitch last Tuesday that wouldn’t allow us to save new posts and new comments in our usual daily back up. We finally did find and fix the problem, but posts and comments from Tuesday onwards could not be saved. Sorry about that!

Since we don’t want you to miss any gossip, we are going to re-post the Tuesday blinds again today. We invite you to add your witty and insightful guesses and comments to them.

We will also be providing plenty of NEW gossip today! Enjoy between your online shopping jaunts!

Love, Ace

Booty Spy

jennifer lopez butt[Blind Gossip] Which singer pulled some sneaky spy moves before last night’s American Music Awards? » Continued

A Fresher Version

botox injection 9[Blind Gossip] This famous singer – who was at the American Music Awards – was freshened up earlier this summer. She had blepharoplasty to get rid of » Continued

Riff Law

singer 7[Blind Gossip] After one too many drinks at an AMA after party, this female singer was arguing with a friend about a younger female singer who was also at the show.

“Why do people » Continued

Don’t Point That Camera At Her

front row[Blind Gossip] This singer got a lot of attention at yesterday’s American Music Awards. Even when she was in the audience, the cameras were constantly following » Continued

The Real Reason She Skipped The AMAs

[Blind Gossip] The American Music Awards is one of those shows where there is public voting and the winners are notified in advance.

There was one notable singer » Continued

BG12345: Monday

iggy azalea 1Good Morning, Blinders!

Your Monday morning coffee is being served up to you by Iggy Azalea. Did you catch the American Music Awards last night? Iggy was killing it!

Lots of fancy gossip today, including some details about what was going on behind the scenes of the AMAs. Enjoy!

Love, Ace

Actress is Watching Nuts or Sluts

mixed nuts[Blind Gossip] A formerly beloved TV star is fighting back against some serious allegations.

We noticed that his side is using the “Nuts or Sluts” defense. Basically, when a woman » Continued

Teen Gets Anything She Wants

spoiled teen 2[All About The Tea] This reality star/mother/actress/author is busy chasing money and fame. She is too busy to pay attention to her kids. » Continued

Dogged At The Dog Run

andy cohen dog[Blind Gossip] In his new book, The Andy Cohen Diaries, Cohen discusses a phone conversation he had one day while he was out with his dog Wacha. » Continued

Funny Fake Family Man

family man 2[Blind Gossip] This humorous TV guy has a book coming out next year. It’s designed to help reinforce his fake image as a family man. » Continued

Andy Cohen Talks About Mariah

andy cohen diaries[Blind Gossip] Bravo executive and Real Housewives creator Andy Cohen just published a new book titled The Andy Cohen Diaries.

One of the anecdotes in the book is about the diva antics of Mariah Carey » Continued

Busy Birthday

birthday cake 5[Blind Gossip] This famous actress recently celebrated a birthday. She naturally thought that her boyfriend would want to celebrate with her. » Continued

How To Get Rid Of A Headache


[Blind Gossip] While controversy is sometimes good for ratings, the controversy caused by one talent at a certain morning TV show is giving upper management a headache.

They are ready to cut this person loose. » Continued

Star Wives Rivalry

candles 1[Mumbai Mirror] Socially, they are part of the same pack, with plenty of air-kissing and lunch dates to keep the world drooling over their camaraderie. But these star wives have one heck of a professional rivalry waiting to brim over. » Continued

Dusty Barneys

[New York Post] Which soon-to-be-a-father-again D-lister was doing so much c*caine that » Continued

Behind The Misleading Kiss

couple kissing 22This is a EXCLUSIVE. In keeping with our Terms of Service, we require media outlets and bloggers and social media users to clearly and properly CREDIT AND LINK to when discussing this story. Thank you for your professional cooperation!

[Blind Gossip] We told you that the photos of this kissing couple were misleading. Now we’re ready to spill the details!

This couple is » Continued

Hook Up Clothing

woman wearing mans shirt[Blind Gossip] This film will wind up being one of the highest-grossing movies of the year. Lost of pressure on the young stars. So, how are they relieving the pressure? Well, two of them are hooking up with each other! » Continued

BG12345: Monday

jennifer lopez coffee 2Happy Monday, Blinders!

Jennifer Lopez is serving up the hot coffee today!

BG is serving up some hot gossip for you in a mixed BG12345 (some new, some solved) today!

Drink up and stay warm! And use lots of exclamation points today!

Love! Ace!

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