The Price Of A Model In Cannes

gisele bundchen[Blind Gossip] This model has been front and center in Cannes this week. She doesn’t have to ask anyone to » Continued

Singer Is Back On The Gak

coc 11[Pop Bitch] Which American singer looks like she might be » Continued

Don’t Mess With The Bull

bull angry[Blind Gossip] There is a rumor going around that a certain handsome actor was fired from his TV show because he had an affair. » Continued

Double The Marriage Stress

double wedding[Blind Gossip]  Before her husband, this famous actress had dated some of the most eligible men in the world. So we wondered why she would get married after dating this guy for such a short period of time. » Continued

The F*cking Upfronts

upfronts[Blind Gossip] Every year, the Upfronts bring together TV executives, talent, and advertisers in a competitive week-long pitch for advertising dollars for the upcoming television season.

This celebrity is best known for his starring role » Continued

Wedding Snub

women arguing 3[Blind Gossip] In the eternal quest to create drama for a reality show, these two women have agreed to » Continued

Pushing Management’s Buttons

man pushing button[Blind Gossip] If your work colleague just got fired for something that you happen to do as well, wouldn’t that make you extra careful » Continued

Courting A Former Child Star

girl star[Allie Is Wired] This former child actor has grown up to do some decent big-girl work, so it’s no wonder she’s in high demand. » Continued

Get Out Of Town

moving 1[Blind Gossip] The breakup between these two celebrities was not nearly as smooth as was reported. » Continued

From Zen To Nag

woman nagging[Blind Gossip] This famous actor thought that he was marrying a woman who was calm and modest and “very zen.” Since he tends to be the opposite » Continued

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