She Just Faked A Pregnancy

not pregnant[Naughty Gossip] What celebrity just faked a pregnancy » Continued

What One Actress Thinks of Gayle King

girls cast[New York Observer] BG Note: This item comes from an article about the party for the Season 4 premiere » Continued

Stall Security

man bathroom 2[Naughty Gossip] Which young celebrity is so worried that someone will get a picture of his privates that he » Continued

This Will Rock Your Faith In Marriage

rock star 5[Blind Gossip] We don’t want this little story to rock your faith in marriage. But it just might.

In comparison to many rock stars » Continued

Another Jailhousewife

teresa jail[Naughty Gossip] Which Real Housewife might soon be joining Teresa in jail » Continued

It Will Fall Off

lion king[Naughty Gossip] Which A-List playboy is bragging his » Continued

Mom The Tease

woman window[Blind Gossip] This entertainer has been around forever, but it’s always hard to guess her age because she » Continued

The Men’s Room at The Golden Globes

mens restroom[Naughty Gossip]  Two A-list ladies were spotted at the Golden Globes leaving the men’s bathroom together.

They were » Continued

Still Bumpy

woman food 3[Blind Gossip] At a Golden Globes party, this young star – whose photos make a lot of magazine covers – seemed to be doing better than usual. She was eating heartily » Continued

The Drippy Drag

[Blind Gossip] This actress is under 30. Her biggest project ever will be released this year. So you would think that she would be bursting with enthusiasm » Continued

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