Charlie Sheen Territory

charlie sheen 7[Blind Gossip] This TV star is a f*ck up. His recent debacle caused them to shut down production. So, are they going to replace him? » Continued

How He Defines Over The Hill

over the hill 2[Daily Mirror] Which picky Hollywood actor only dates girls aged between » Continued

Curiously Fake Details

pinocchio[Blind Gossip] You’re probably wondering how much of the story this TV guy is telling is true. Some of it is. There were a few curiously fake details, though.

He wants you to believe that » Continued

Party Pouter

woman crying 18[Blind Gossip] She’s beautiful, successful, and getting plenty of new work. She is best known for a role she formerly played on a popular TV series. So why was this pretty actress so darn miserable at a very recent convention-related party? » Continued

Revenge Of The Outdoor Workers

red rose 2[Blind Gossip] This very wealthy celebrity loves their home and garden. It’s just too bad that love doesn’t extend to their employees!

There is a strict caste system in place. » Continued

One Percent Kidult

rich kid[Fashion Weekly] How does a 10-year-old boy among the blessed 1 percent spend his days » Continued

Don’t Get Nosy With This TV Girl

nose job 2[Blind Gossip] If you ask this TV host about her body, she’ll yap your ear off about how proud she is that her body is all natural » Continued

Amanda Seyfried on Salaries And Roles

amanda seyfried marie claire uk[Blind Gossip] Gorgeous actress Amanda Seyfried is not afraid to speak up about doing what she thinks is equitable and right when it comes to her career. » Continued

Bite The Hand

man teeth[Blind Gossip]This is the second time that this young singer has bitten the hand that tries to feed » Continued

BG12345: Monday

mila kunis coffeeGood Morning, Blinders!

Here’s a big cup of iced coffee, courtesy of newly-married actress Mila Kunis.

She and Ashton Kutcher had a baby last year – and secretly tied the knot a few months ago – but had a more official wedding ceremony last weekend.

Congratulations, Mila and Ashton!

Milla’s bringing the coffee, and we’re bringing the gossip! We have a BG12345 for you today!


Love, Ace

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