Subway Entertainment

subway car 3[New York Post] Which Broadway actor has been keeping himself entertained on the way to work by » Continued

Tune In For A Showdown

men arguing 5[Blind Gossip] There are reports that these two male celebrities are feuding. » Continued

Pretty Vicious Kittenfight

two kittens[Blind Gossip] These pretty girls are two of the hottest models right now. You’ve probably seen photos of them hanging out together. That’s because they are friends. » Continued

She Used To Be

models 7[Blind Gossip] She used to be a model. She used to be the wife of a famous film actor. She used to be » Continued

The Parent At The Party With Strangers

party time[Lainey Gossip] Motherhood hasn’t slowed her down. Not professionally and definitely not when she parties. I mean, some people can use recreationally and it doesn’t become a problem. Maybe that’s why she feels she can » Continued

BG12345: Wednesday

katy perry taylor swiftGood Morning, Blinders!

We have a mixed BG12345 for you this Hump Day! That’s a combination of five new and SOLVED items. We’ll be starting a little early.

By the way, we know that BG does not look good on mobile devices right now. We use WordPress, which is an open-source publishing platform sourced by thousands of developers, vendors, hosting companies, etc. Conflicts frequently arise between various parties and their products, and that’s what’s happened here.

Specifically, our caching and mobile are acting like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. We are trying to get them to collaborate, but they want nothing to do with each other. We’re working on it. Thanks for your patience!

Love, Ace

Mom And Son Are Slumlords

new orleans 1[Hollywood Street King] The mother of today’s blind item subject is commonly known in New Orleans as a » Continued

Slaughterhouse Six

razor blade 3WARNING: If you are squeamish, you should skip this blind item.

[Blind Gossip] This horrifying encounter with a very famous actress and her husband at the time took place several years ago. » Continued

Three Way Freak Out

man in bed 5[New York Post] Which Hollywood actor had a three-way with » Continued

The Producer And The Sugar Daddy

sugar daddy[New York Post] Which Hollywood producer is having serious money problems, and when he » Continued

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