Cyber Monday Gossip

Good Morning, Blinders! Today is Cyber Monday, the busiest online shopping day of the year! We'll be on Amazon, but there are lots of other retailers offering great deals today. You may have noticed that we temporarily stopped posting last week. We had a database glitch [More...]

Riff Law

singer 7

[Blind Gossip] After one too many drinks at an AMA after party, this female singer was arguing with a friend about a younger female singer who was also at the show. "Why do people [More...]

BG12345: Monday

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Good Morning, Blinders! Your Monday morning coffee is being served up to you by Iggy Azalea. Did you catch the American Music Awards last night? Iggy was killing it! Lots of fancy gossip today, including some details about what was going on behind the scenes of the AMAs. [More...]

How To Get Rid Of A Headache

dr nancy snyderman

SOLVED! UPDATED! [Blind Gossip] While controversy is sometimes good for ratings, the controversy caused by one talent at a certain morning TV show is giving upper management a headache. They are ready to cut this person loose. [More...]

Star Wives Rivalry

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[Mumbai Mirror] Socially, they are part of the same pack, with plenty of air-kissing and lunch dates to keep the world drooling over their camaraderie. But these star wives have one heck of a professional rivalry waiting to brim over. [More...]