The Girl From Ipanema

girl from ipanema[Blind Gossip] This singing couple has dated and broken up a couple of times. They are supposed to be broken up right now. Her publicist has even arranged » Continued

Parents Worried About Starlet’s Side Jobs

parents daughter[New York Post] Which parents of a starlet were overheard at a restaurant discussing how they wish she’d no longer work » Continued

She’s Not Busting Her Own Chops

lamb chops[Blind Gossip] This huge star had literally better get her act together, because if she doesn’t, she is going to have another flop on her hands! » Continued

Leather Gloves

leather gloves 1[New York Post] Which single actor was recently spotted having a threes*me » Continued

The Thot Thickens In Child Custody Battle

parents pulling child[Hollywood Street King] Before becoming one of today’s blind item subjects, this homewrecker didn’t think twice to boogie out » Continued

Rainbow Stepper

rainbow steps[New York Post] Which publicly straight actor is secretly a faithful and regular member of the » Continued

Big Gave Little A Gift

gift 3[Blind Gossip] They are outwardly nice to each other. But the nastiness and power struggle between these two musicians is like something out of the TV show Empire! » Continued

Light Baby

baby 26[Media Take Out] We have been telling you about a real popular celeb who is pregnant, and set to announce her pregnancy any day now. Well we just got a giant pot of extra hot and spicy tea. According to a person in hubby’s family » Continued

Furious and Jealous

girl plaid shirt[Blind Gossip] As soon as this successful franchise actor got engaged, people looked for some sort of reaction from his actress ex-girlfriend. » Continued

Happy Passover and Happy Easter

happy easter happy passoverDear Blinders,

What makes this Friday different from every other Friday?

Well, we’re taking off a little early for the holiday weekend.

Whether you are celebrating Passover or Easter (or just a beautiful spring weekend) we wish you happiness and peace.

See you on Monday!

Love, Ace

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