Billionaires Versus Leftovers

man wealthy 1[Hollywood Street King] Just days after posts to social media revealed another dude playing Daddy to his ex-wife and kids … on Father’s Day … this Hollywood EX Husband is being left with no choice but to » Continued

King Bloodbath

king 2[Blind Gossip] Everyone who has worked for this entertainer in the past got their jobs and kept their jobs by stroking his ego » Continued

Betrayed By Happy

man smiling 2[Blind Gossip] Wow. The ending of this singer’s relationship was so swift and so nasty that even we were caught off guard! » Continued

Heavy Drinker Heavy Body

feet on scale[Allie Is Wired] This singer/musician recently admitted to wearing baggy » Continued

Future Gone Girl

gone girl[Blind Gossip] There is something really off about this pretty celebrity.

One minute she is sober, and the next she is » Continued

Cleavage Encouraged

Rose mcgowan 1[Blind Gossip] Rose McGowan was not too pleased about a casting note that accompanied a script for an upcoming film. » Continued

She’s Lying About Her Health

woman sick in bed 1[Blind Gossip] We’ve talked before about all the different tricks used during salary negotiations, some by the actors, some by the producers. » Continued

Your Revenge Here

airplane banner 1[Blind Gossip] Did you know that you can hire a plane to fly an advertising banner for less then $1000? That’s a rather small price to pay for » Continued

Superstar Versus Superstar

man woman fighting 2[Blind Gossip] This actor and actress are both superstars in the acting world.

He makes more money and makes headlines more often » Continued

Cutting After Rejection

woman rejecting man[Blind Gossip] This beautiful actress played the girlfriend on a popular TV series » Continued

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