The Married Studio Chief And The Actress

[CDAN] This studio chief is lucky to even have a wife. The crap she puts up with daily is extraordinary. Even she would draw the line at his cheating on her though with an actress in one of the studio’s latest movies.

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Politico Is Feeling Nervy Over News International Flap

[PopBitch] Which politico might be feeling a bit nervy this week as old rumours which linked him VERY closely to the News International CEO are circulating around disgruntled hacks in Wapping?

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Mega Star Wants You To Bring The Toys

[Bossip] Guess which platinum selling artist has a f*tish for » Continued

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Secret Obsession With Walmart

[NationalEnquirer] Which former “DWTS” finalist has a secret obsession with Walmart? The weight-challenged performer doesn’t want to get caught shopping for clothes at the discount chain, so she drives to the 24-hour stores far away from Hollywood!

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Lord Tripp And Lady Unzipped

[EOnline] No Taming This Royally H*rny Sl*t!

There’s something about living a fairy-tale life that just dares you to screw it up—or so one would think watching Lord Tripp Unzipped and all his dalliances. Despite having many high-profile affairs, Tripp has never seemed able to find the right looker to settle down with, that is, until he met the gorgeous Lady Unzipped.

And my, how the world ate it up, watching Lord and his pretty partner in marriage settle down—with lots and lots of future poshly positioned heirs to look forward to.


No. Quite wrong, in fact. The only thing that’s really a stunner here is » Continued

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She Played Hooky From Work

[BlindGossip] This pretty girl is usually a true professional. She shows up for rehearsal on time, works hard, and rarely misses a day. Except, that is, when she perceives that someone else is stealing her thunder.

She recently pulled out of a scheduled gig at the last minute, claiming that she was sick. Liar. There wasn’t a darn thing wrong with her except » Continued

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On-Screen Couple Is A Secret Off-Screen Couple

[BuzzFoto] This on screen couple, both with families, are sleeping together. They’ve tried to keep it under the radar but all their coworkers have been suspicious for a while. And the actor’s wife has a baby on the way. 573


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Young Star Was More Than Exhausted

[BuzzFoto] Her camp claimed she was hospitalized for exhaustion this last time, but it was really for » Continued

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Dragged Into A Black Widow Conspiracy

[NationalEnquirer] Which late Hollywood star’s actress wife is being dragged into a black widow conspiracy theory? Turns out the widow » Continued

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Singer Threatens To Walk

[CDAN] Which former almost A list singer threatened to walk off the show for which she was recently hired, unless she got a raise and top billing. She did this because of a new hire to the show she cannot stand.

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