Angelic Child Star Has Banned Her Family

[BuzzFoto] This angelic child starlet, who has an upcoming movie, is anything but sweet in real life. The word is she’s so obsessed with being famous, she’ll step on anyone who gets in her way, including her siblings. She’s reportedly banned her family from visiting her on set because she’s worried directors will see her cute siblings and want to replace her. 642


Boy Banders Are Hiding A Secret

[BlindGossip] If they were on a singing competition show, you would call them a Male Vocal Group. We prefer the term Boy Band. The group’s image determines their commercial success, and each member of the group is assigned a particular sterotype » Continued

Mommy Had To Save Her From Reality Star

[NationalEnquirer] Which huge reality star had s*x with a guy she barely knew in the same room as one of the young girls she was supposed to be chaperoning? The teen, who also appears on the show, was asleep when the canoodling began but woke up and immediately called her mom when she saw her guardian fooling around!!

Jealous Brit Just Can’t Let Go

[BuzzFoto] This British actress was in a relationship and in a film with this British born actor. He became famous and successful in America, but unfortunately she has not. It is said that since their split, he’s tried several times to sabotage any relationships she has had, even though he’s been linked to other women. He once showed up » Continued

Her Knight In Shining Armour Is Tarnished

[Celebzter] Happiness has long eluded this starlet. And, whilst she appears to have it all, love is what she really needs and longs for. And in recent months, she seems to have found it… well, on the surface, anyway. » Continued

Mommie Dearest Keeps Getting In The Way

[NationalEnquirer] Which hunky A-list star can’t keep a relationship because his meddling mom keeps getting in the way? It seems that no one is good enough for Mommie Dearest, especially the last three actresses her momma’s boy has dated.

Male Star:

The 3 Actresses:

The Next Jennifer Aniston

[HollywoodDame] This actress got a big head and quit her TV gig because she thought her career was going to flourish on the silver screen. She was overheard dubbing herself as the “next Jennifer Aniston,” but things are not panning out the way she hoped. Now she » Continued

The Real Reason She Is Out Of This Film

[BuzzFoto] After having ‘creative differences’ this B/C list actress recently announced she was giving up her role in a film that is creating a lot of buzz. We found out the real reason for the split was because she » Continued

Publicist Is Sleeping With Clients

[NewYorkPost] Which publicist has been sleeping with his or her clients while fibbing to the press about their infidelities and indiscretions?


Easter Versus Passover Brawl

[BlindGossip]  This good-looking entertainment couple has been dating for a while and the relationship is serious. However, they have been having some serious religious/ family drama lately.

One already promised » Continued

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