Coronation Street Star Needs New Linens

coronation street 2HolyMoly – Which Corrie star is nicknamed ‘the skidmark kid’ because of the state of the bedsheets which are hung to dry in the garden?

Actor Likes to Multi-Task With Women

man in bedroomHolyMoly – Which so-called Hollywood heartthrob actor likes to do a » Continued

Torchwood Actor Had a Private Party

torchwood castHolyMoly – Which Torchwood actor has been up to no good? This guy (who is very attached) had a private party in his hotel room on Saturday night with another actor mate and a couple of girls – at least one of which received the torched wood?

This Movie Star Uses Craigslist to Find Men

mans chestBlindGossip – The following ad was recently posted on Craigslist Vancouver.  Even if you know who is currently filming in Hollywood North, there are a lot of possible choices. Anyone care to venture a guess? » Continued

Why Singer was Late to the Fashion Party

models runwayCDAN – What momentarily A list singer was a couple of hours late to the stage at a fashion show party because she was » Continued

She’s Hanging Around to Nip Their Relationship

Woman jealousBuzzFoto – Which A-lister couple’s relationship is on the rocks. Seems he is cheating with his much younger co-star and the wife is now trying to accompany the two on set as much as possible. She heard the rumors way before we did and is now hanging around to nip this thing in the bud. Not Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

He Doesn't Believe in Rainy Days

raincoatBlindGossip – We frequently see this heartthrob going to the gym, playing sports with his friends, and otherwise leading a healthy lifestyle. If he is so concerned about his health, why isn’t he » Continued

Diva Manages to Offend Everyone

reese witherspoon 2BuzzFoto – Last week, this diva got some press again, also due to her newest movie coming out. She did some interviews and played nice, but she’s making more and more » Continued

She’s Having a Surrogate Have a Baby

pregnant belly 3BillyMasters – Could it be that a certain sudsy siren of the Sapphic persuasion is with child? Well, yes and no. You see, there’s not a chance she’d allow » Continued

The Spoiled Actor and The Arrogant Director

men arguing 1NYPost – Which world-famous actor has fallen out with his equally A-list director? They have weeks to go on their upcoming block buster, but the actor thinks the director is arrogant and dismissive of his ideas, while the director considers his leading man to be a spoiled, over rated punk.

Mom Let Celebrity Son Grow Up Too Fast

boy badDownfront2 – Why is this happening to my son? This Mother of a young Celebrity is » Continued

Action Hero Got Too Close to His Assistant

woman pregnant 1NYPost – Which has- been action hero has knocked up his comely assistant? When his longtime girlfriend learned of the impending birth, she angrily split.

Her Face Looks Longer and Leaner

woman round faceBlindGossip – Although this actress has always been in good shape, her face was always a little too round for her liking. You may notice that her face looks a little different now, but it’s not because she lost any weight. She had some fat sucked out of the hollows of her cheeks, and something else – perhaps restylane – injected into the high part of the cheek. Compared to the plastic work done on other actresses, this is definitely more on the subtle side. Her face now looks a little longer and leaner, but not in a bad way.

Soap Couple’s Real Romance Cost Everyone – Which west-coast on-screen couple were embroiled in a steamy, not-so-secret affair that cost the actress her marriage, and caused the actor’s girlfriend to enter rehab?

Cupid Keeps Missing Popular TV Couple

cupid 1EntertainmentWeekly – Cupid might wanna trade in his standard bow and arrow for something that packs a little more punch if he sees today’s blind item. For that matter, you might feel inclined to take a shot at a few network suits, too. See, they’re the only obstacle that a certain popular TV couple can’t seem to overcome. For seasons now, one stumbling block has been placed in front of another to keep the dynamic duo apart. But, finally, at the end of last season, viewers were supposed to get the big get-together for which they’d been waiting. The love story’s happy ending — or real beginning, as it were — was all planned out. Unfortunately, the execs got cold feet. Terrified that, without the constant “Will-they-or-won’t-they?” tension between the two, viewers would instead wonder “Why are we watching this?” — Moonlighting, anyone? — the net asked producers to delay the hook-up, and our gratification. So a new wall was blueprinted and built between the would-be sweethearts. Mind you, the couple will eventually get together — the season after this one, if the powers that be are to be believed. It’ll just take a little longer than it was supposed to. So… who’s the duo with the fragile dynamic?

Mommy Just Keeps Getting Uglier

woman uglyCDAN – I have no idea what procedure coke mom had done to her nose, but it looks atrocious.

NBA All Star Scores Two in Hotel

nba2CDAN – This NBA all star was seen going into his hotel room with two women while his B list television actress significant other was nowhere to be seen.

Married Model Actress Gets Frisky at Party

couple kissing 3CDAN – This foreign born C list actress more famous for her modeling career than her acting was spotted making out with a random party goer in a corner of a room a couple of days ago. Oh, she is married.

Bed Sheet Guy's Wife Surprised Him

men kissingEOnline – We’re just crazy for debauchery here at Blind Vice central! On top of our fab ‘n’ fierce Blind Vice Superstars gallery, we’ve got another Blind first today: a Vice candidate appearing two weeks in a row!

Now, last week’s inaugural Blind Vice about Topher Hairy-Tuchus brought all kinds of hilarious reactions, my personal fave being » Continued

Hotel Bell Hop Knows Her Secret

bellhop 1StarMagazine – Which party-girl turned entrepreneur never leaves home without her stash? » Continued

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