TV Series Lead Will Get Shot in the Chest

jr-ewingEntertainmentWeekly – In the next three months, a hit cable series’ lead — a character I think we’d all agree could be described as an anti-hero/ine — is going to be shot. In the chest. Repeatedly. By » Continued

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Girl on Girl Action Helped Starlet Stand Out

girls-embracingNYPost – Which troubled starlet got her first big break on TV by sending the producer a tape of herself having sex with another girl? The producer thought the ploy was so original, he cast her instead of dozens of other ingénues.

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BG 12345: Pick a Day and a Vacation

5-4BlindGossip – Those of you on vacation have important decisions to make: A marguerita or a daiquiri? Golf or tennis? Beach or pool?

However, for those of us stuck in the office – or at home watching the raindrops fall – there are more important decisions to be made. There will be one BG 12345 this week. Would you like it on Tuesday (today), Wednesday, or Thursday? Let us know by 1:00 pm EDT!

Oh, and anyone who lists their dream vacation spot will have their vote count as TWO votes. BG dreams of skiing in Chile in the middle of the summer…

UPDATE: Today! And we love your vacation ideas! Print out a photo of your dream spot and tack it above your desk…

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Tough Guy Actor Can’t Bear Life Without You

teddy-bear-2BlindGossip – There’s a tough guy actor in Hollywood whose name is well known. He has a sequence of moves that he makes on a woman. If he is interested in you, he’ll first send you » Continued

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It’s Not Safe for This Musician to Perform

jesse-mccartney-1BuzzFoto – What young and spoiled musician, was set to perform a sold out concert to young fans but cancelled at the last minute? His management decided the conditions weren’t ’safe’ so he refused to perform, causing some of his fans to cry and the venue to lose a lot of money on refunds. Not Jesse McCartney.

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Prince Opens His Porthole on a Yacht

yacht-2NYPost – Which perennial bachelor princeling should be more careful? While His Serene Highness was cavorting on a yacht in the Mediterranean with a hunky guy, he thought the servants on board would keep their mouths shut. He was wrong.

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She Will Do Anything to Succeed in Films

woman-determined1CDAN – This married B list movie actress has seen her career slowly slide to the point where she is more likely a C. It is only her looks and her name recognition that keeps her hovering at that B line. Anyway, she has been in this space before and one of the times she was in this space was to discuss her foreign companion who has always helped support her before and during her marriage. Anyway, now she is taking those same skills and has put them to securing herself a role in this A list director’s next movie. She thinks his movies will put her on her way to the A list. The fact that the director is married doesn’t bother her in the least. She wants to be in that movie and will do anything to succeed.

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You Don’t Want Your Photo on This Wall

woman-sleeping-2NY DailyNews – Which creepy dude and his posse of pals take photos of their overnight lady guests while the women are sleeping and tack them up on a “Wall of Shame” afterward?

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Network Guy Booted Off the Greens

golfNYPost – Which network advertising exec is no longer welcome at upstate North Salem golf club? It’s about to sue him for nonpayment of fees.

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When A Director Hands You Lemons

lemonsBlindGossip – She is a very famous movie actress who normally is very thin. To play a specific role, she was asked to put on approximately twenty pounds. Through a vigorous training program, including lots of food rich in carbohydrates, she managed to put on the twenty and then some. Now she is too fat for the role. Sigh. To take off a quick five, she is drinking lemonade made with organic lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.

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TV Chef Needs to Start Cooking the Books

man-chef-2Holy Moly – Which TV chef had to nip round to a computer shop to bail out his daughter, who had just had her card declined after trying to buy a ton of equipment – only to find his card in the same situation? Seems Gordon Ramsey isn’t the ONLY foodie in a spot of bother.

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Feuding Celebrities Calling a Cease Fire

angelina-jolie-11BuzzFoto – These two Celebs who have been known to feud and criticize one another publicly are trying to » Continued

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He Wants to Show You Pictures of His Wife

cell-phone-3CDAN – This crown prince of the celebutards is married to a B list movie actress with A list name recognition. To impress his friends, our celebutard likes nothing more than to whip out his cell phone and show them naked pictures of his wife.

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Same Sex Love Match for Beverly Hills Couple

demi-moore-2EOnline – Last time we heard from evil and conniving Shafterella Shoshstein, that b* was checking out on her man, who was so famously checking out on her. Only nobody knew about the former, crafty thing she is.

Now, S.S. has moved on more openly—and how. Ms. S-squared has all the tabloid world thinking she’s just dreamy and perfectly content with her new man, only nothing could be further from the truth. » Continued

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Actor Marries Woman Who Didn’t Know Him

whoopi-goldberg-1BlindGossip – On The View this morning, the ladies were interviewing Jeff Daniels and Lauren Graham about their new romcom “The Answer Man” , when Whoopie Goldberg told this story:

“Periodically, you hear about actors who meet the loves of their lives… they say they’ve met a young lady who doesn’t know they are… and I’m thinking of one actor in particular… who was so thrilled that the woman didn’t know who he was that he went out with her and subsequently married her.”

Jeff Daniels asked “Who?”, and Whoopie responded “I’ll tell you backstage.” Who was she talking about?

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Celebrity Husband Runs Errands for Rich Wife

three-holding-hands-2Downfront2 – This Celebrity Husband is such a joke. He gets to spend his wife’s hard earned money, but he must do as she says. Even when he has to pick up other women for her!

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Cougar Wants Party Stacked with Boys

cougarNYDailyNews – What sexy cougar refused to attend an event until was she assured that the guest list included a variety of hot young men?

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NBA All Star and Wife are Totally Cheap

kobe-and-vanessa-bryantCDAN – What millionaire NBA All-Star has a shrew for a wife. Last night at the after party for The ESPY’s she kept telling anyone who would listen about how she hired » Continued

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NY Designer is Outing a Hunky Actor

man-hunkStyleList – Which household-name NYC designer, who has dressed and befriended that unbelievably hunky, married, singing-dancing actor, is telling pals that actually yes, he is indeed gay?

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UK Singer Shows Roadies Her Appreciation

singer-microphoneHolyMoly – Which UK female solo singer has been f*cking her way through her road crew? It’s not Susan Boyle.

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