Cutting Up And Covering Up

[CDAN] This B list television and movie actress who is more into television right now with her long running series has some severe » Continued

His Stylist Tells Everyone His Secret

[NationalEnquirer] Which popular, tattooed, gay reality show star insists on staying in the closet and even introduces his partner as his “stylist”? The only problem is that the hunk’s hairdresser boyfriend tells EVERYONE who his famous beau is!

Messy Room Turns Up A Surprise

[BuzzFoto] Which B list actress, who made it big in a film based on a book, is having trouble with her teenaged daughter? She and her daughter have been clashing over the daughter’s messy habits, particularly her » Continued

His Casting Couch Friend Gets More

[BlindGossip] There’s no denying that this actor is very talented. However, in this town, talent will only take you so far. There’s a good reason that our actor’s been getting a lot more face time and screen time and attention this season than the rest of his castmates. It’s because our actor hit the old casting couch with » Continued

Movie Star Had A Teen Fling

[CDAN] This actor is a solid B list and has been for years. Sometimes he headlines a movie, but for the most part, he is the second lead. Solid actor and everyone knows who he is. He also has a very attractive daughter. Very much so. The daughter has a bit of a drinking problem and when she drinks she shares a story of what happened to her when she was 15 » Continued

Pay Off The Fling

[CDAN] This A list R&B/Pop singer is married. She believes in her vows and has been said here several times, her husband who is also a musician does not. She thinks he has finally straightened out. Well, he probably will be after he takes care of paying off his latest fling. Apparently she » Continued

Happy On The Internet

[BuzzFoto] His wife is pregnant and he makes sure to tell everyone on the internet how happy he is about it. Ironically, it’s also on the internet where he » Continued

Halloween With His Second Family

[BuzzFoto] This B list actor from a hit network series left his family for the weekend on Halloween and said it was for work. Instead of doing business, he and his mistress and their love child went to a popular theme park for the day. 645


Younger Women Are Dangerous

[CDAN] Speaking of aging Academy Award winner/nominee actors, this actor is going through some rough times and barely leaves his house at this point. The actor is said to have » Continued

He Has A Way With Women

[CDAN] This chain smoking, thinks way too much of himself, Academy Award winner/nominee still A list actor must have a way with women other than just hookers. I don’t know how he does it. The guy has now started hooking up with one of his B+ list female co-stars despite the fact she is » Continued

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