His Girlfriend Is Having An Affair

[BuzzFoto] This B list hip-hop artist, who won an award this last year, is planning a big surprise bash for his girlfriend soon. He’s enlisted his best friend to help him with the festivities, but doesn’t realize » Continued

This Pregnancy Will Create Huge Headlines

[Buzzfoto] Over New Years, this C list actress told her A/B list musician boyfriend that she is pregnant. The pregnancy would probably cause huge headlines and » Continued

Kids Blame Mom For Divorce

[NationalEnquirer] Which soon-to-be-divorced actress can’t get over the fact that her own children are blaming her for her failed marriage? The star’s kids are divided, but the more vocal offspring has sided with their stepdad and confessed that their mom was no angel, either!

British Actress Is Thin And Desperate

[NationalEnquirer] What British actress is so desperate to stay skinny that her pals AND her personal trainer are concerned? The already rail-thin single mom, who’s been working out like a maniac at her West Hollywood gym, says she’ll do anything to revive her film career!

Shut The Windows

[VillageVoice] Which mouthy funny lady loves sex so ferociously that when she » Continued

Daughter Is Hitting The Bottle

[NationalEnquirer] What famous daughter’s boozing is getting so out of control that her actress mother is threatening to stage an intervention? The wannabe singer and mother of four has been so stressed over her kids and music career that she’s hitting the bottle.

Happy New Year!

Dear Blinders,

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a fun celebration last night, and that you remembered to drink lots of water and take an aspirin before you went to sleep!

A brief housekeeping note: It was getting to be too much for us to moderate every comment that contained the initials BG, and we think that differentiating between the site and the moderator will speed up moderation and simplify things. So, starting today, the site will be still be called BG, but the moderator will be called… Ace. That’s right. Ace. You’ll get used to it.

We’re looking forward to spending the year ahead with you. Any New Year’s resolutions you’d like to share? We really want to lose three pounds.

The gym opens at 7:00 am.

Happy New Year, Blinders!

Love, Ace

Delicious Locker Room Talk

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Ethnic Actress Is Faux Dating

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Behind The One Way Mirror

[VillageVoice] Vintage Gossip: Which award-winning theater producer was way more likely to give a guy a job if the guy » Continued

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