How This Oscar Nominee Relaxes

bathhouse[Naughty Gossip] Which happily married actor with a kid “accidentally” visited a gay bathhouse just before the Oscars? » Continued

Carried Out Of A NYC Bar

industry nyc[Tamara Tattles] This West Coast housewife is winging her hungover ass back to the West Coast today. I received » Continued

He Gave Up The Booty For A Role

men kissing 13[Media Take Out] Guess which very popular black Hollywood actor allegedly gave up his booty for his latest role? » Continued

BG12345: Tuesday

oscar winners 2015Good Morning, Blinders!

We’re now winding down from the Oscars, but we still have tons of gossip for you. In fact, we have so much that we are giving you another BG12345 today! That’s five blind items, one per hour. We normally start at 1:00 pm EST, but today we’ll be starting a little early.


Love, Ace

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Unsteady Backstage

shoes 1[Blind Gossip] Among the Oscar presenters, there was an actress who was drawing a bit of attention – and concern – backstage. » Continued

Sweetheart Speculation

woman drinking wine 4[Blind Gossip] We heard lots of speculation that this Oscar nominee was going to be heading to reh*b right after the awards season was over. » Continued

Racist Singing At The Oscars

woman singing 3[Blind Gossip] Lots of musical performances at last night’s Oscars, some better than others. There was one performance that took a lot of people by surprise, as the singer was  performing in a style and costume atypical for her. We thought she was incredible… but not everyone was similarly impressed! » Continued

When The Oscar Cameras Are Watching

couple red carpet 3[Blind Gossip] This actress and her man were certainly putting on a show of affection during the televised portion of The Oscars! He was caressing her on the red carpet » Continued

Grabby Greeting

hand 1[Blind Gossip] This actress had a hairy encounter with an actor she knows who got a little grabby while greeting her at The Oscars. » Continued

BG12345: Monday

neil patrick harrisGood Morning, Blinders!

Did you watch The Oscars last night? There were no surprises as far as the winners of the main categories were concerned, but there were a few entertaining moments.

We thought that Neil Patrick Harris did a decent job as host. Anna Kendrick’s got chops. We loved the look that Meryl Streep gave Jennifer Lopez during Patricia Arquette’s speech. We don’t know what Terrence Howard was babbling about. Best dresses: Anna Kendrick, Reese Witherspoon, and Scarlett Johannson (sans necklace).

Your favorite moments?

Yes, you are getting a BG12345 today!

Love, Ace

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