Reality Star Seals Off Her House

house wrapped[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which reality star is soooooo convinced that she will catch » Continued

He’s Not On A Love High

travel 2[Blind Gossip] This young film actor seems to be doing more vacationing than working lately. On a recent trip, he was accompanied by a young woman. » Continued

BG12345: Wednesday

camel humpdayGood Morning, Blinders!

Guess what day it is?

It’s Hump Day! And you’re getting a mixed BG12345. That’s five blind items, one per hour, some new, some solved.

Woot, woot!

Love, Ace

Get Over It

couple breaking up 14[Blind Gossip] This famous film actor is known to be a ladies’ man. He has dated many beautiful women over the years and they usually part on amicable terms. Usually.

One of his » Continued

Man In The Middle Is A Stirrer

man in the middle 1[Blind Gossip] These two actresses don’t have much to do with each other. It’s not totally surprising given that a well-known TV Actor dumped Actress 1 to date Actress 2. » Continued


puppy pumpkinHappy Tuesday, Blinders!

You may have noticed that posts appeared and disappeared on the site yesterday. It wasn’t Halloween goblins. There was a problem with a plugin that kept corrupting updated posts and new comments.

We fixed the problem, but we were unable to retrieve the updated posts and the comments from yesterday. Sorry! We’ll do an abbreviated update of those same posts later today so you don’t miss out.

Here is a puppy and some pumpkins to help us all feel better.

Love, Ace


Actor Is Self-Monitoring For Ebola Symptoms

airplane 6[Blind Gossip] This award-winning comic actor is probably best known for a character he played on a popular » Continued

Give Me Freebies Or Else

free 1[New York Post] Which fashion editor will kill stories on designers who » Continued

Amicable Expenses

man money[Blind Gossip] This famous actor has had a stellar career both in film and television. He recently had an » Continued

A Hairy Situation With The Groom And His Boyfriend

barber 1[Pop Bitch] Which celebrity hairdresser was a little upset not to be invited to a certain celebrity wedding this summer? Not least because he claims » Continued

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