Hook Up Clothing

woman wearing mans shirt[Blind Gossip] This film will wind up being one of the highest-grossing movies of the year. Lost of pressure on the young stars. So, how are they relieving the pressure? Well, two of them are hooking up with each other! » Continued

BG12345: Monday

jennifer lopez coffee 2Happy Monday, Blinders!

Jennifer Lopez is serving up the hot coffee today!

BG is serving up some hot gossip for you in a mixed BG12345 (some new, some solved) today!

Drink up and stay warm! And use lots of exclamation points today!

Love! Ace!

Everything Has Its Price

price tag[Blind Gossip] This actor comes across as acerbic and confident, but he is actually very insecure about where his career is going. His past few » Continued

Misleading Kiss

kiss selfie[Blind Gossip] If two people take a photo of themselves kissing, they must be » Continued

An Investment In Drugs

money drugs[New York Post] Which Wall Street bankers took a sailing trip to Mexico » Continued

Barbra Streisand Calls Out Mediocre Performers

barbra streisand 2[Blind Gossip] Gayle King recently conducted an interview with Barbra Streisand.

King started the discussion by asking if the singer has ever regretted partnering with any entertainers over her career.

“Who have you enjoyed the most and who’s a jerk? » Continued

Eye Rolling Boybander Statement

patek philippe watch 4[Pop Bitch] Which boyband star said it best when he said, “I never like to » Continued

Lyrics Liar

woman listening music[Media Take Out] Mediatakeout.com just received some bombshell information. Word on the street is that your fave » Continued

Private Sessions

do not disturb 3[Blind Gossip] This famous singer is worried that some private tapes of him and his ex-wife are going to be released. He and his team are working hard to make sure those tapes never get released.

However, there is another » Continued

The Last Rat

rat swimming[Blind Gossip] Some stars use threats of leaving a TV series as a negotiating tactic to secure a higher salary. That is not the case with this » Continued

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