Stop Calling Us Roommates

the roommate diaries[Blind Gossip] Dear Diary,

Uh oh! The publicists are maaaaad! » Continued

The Roommate Diaries

the roommate diaries[Blind Gossip] Dear Diary,

Now that this famous actor and his wife have split, I am on a mission to leak all sorts of horrible details » Continued

The 127 Hours Band

127 hoursPlease Note: This is a Blind Gossip EXCLUSIVE. You must credit Blind Gossip by name AND provide a working link to our website. It’s probably just easier to use the social media links below. Thanks!

[Blind Gossip] The pressure is too much! The schedule is too grueling! The fans are too mean!

The fact that this singer is gone is not shocking to us, and it should not be shocking to you. His unhealthy » Continued

Messy Girl Wants Your Sympathy

woman crying 16[Blind Gossip] This actress is, without a doubt, one of the messiest celebrities in Hollywood!

She recently tried to explain away » Continued

Mad About The Brat Pack

brat pack 4[Blind Gossip] There is a well-known young female celebrity who is very upset about the Vogue “Brat Pack” photo spread! » Continued

Actor versus Director

boys fighting 4[Lainey Gossip] An acclaimed actor. And an acclaimed director. A director with a huge ego, recently made even bigger, and his acclaimed friends are pricks too » Continued

Drinking and Flirting And Stumbling

man drinking beer[Blind Gossip] There are lots of bigger and flashier clubs near his vacation spot, but this television guy chose a smaller, out-of-the-way bar because he thought no one would recognize him. » Continued

Royal Was Part Of Sex Ring

queen elizabeth 3 red[Daily Mirror] A member of the royal family was in a suspected ped*phile ring being investigated by police before an Establishment cover up, it was claimed.

A former Metropolitan Police officer said he was told a member of the Queen’s family » Continued

Five Times In Ten Years

dating 2[Blind Gossip] This actor recently broke up with his girlfriend. No surprise there. She was just the latest in a long line of » Continued

The Break Up Decision

couple breaking up 14[Blind Gossip] You may be wondering what this singer’s fiancee is going to do. Well, we can give you a little insight as to what’s going on » Continued

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